Sixteen sites that could not be dated were documented: five building stone quarries (Sites 1, 3–6; Fig. 2), a rock-hewn channel (Site 2), four farming terrace walls (Sites 7, 10, 11, 16; Fig. 3), a stone clearance heap (Site 12; Fig. 4), an enclosure wall (Site 13, Fig. 5), two watchman’s huts (Sites 8, 9), a cistern (Site 14; Fig. 6) and a wall built of small and medium fieldstones (Site 15; Fig. 7).
A meager amount of potsherds dating to Iron Age II (a single sherd), Late Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods was found in the survey area, most of which was not associated with the surveyed sites.

Kloner A. 2001. Survey of Jerusalem, the Northeastern Sector. Jerusalem.