Or Yehuda

Michal Mermelstein
Final report
 In June 2017, an excavation was conducted on Herzl Street, in the west part of Or Yehuda (Permit No. A-8023; Map ref. 185267/659573; Fig. 1; Bouchenino 2019, and see references therein). The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Autohority and financed by Yizhaq Bukobzawas directed by M. Mermelstein (field photography), with the assistance of YAmrani (administration) and Y. Shmidov (surveying and drafting). 
One square was excavated, unearthing the remains of a wall (W12; Fig. 2) built of large, hewn stones; the wall was preserved one course high. A probe (L13) beside the wall yielded potsherds dating from the Hellenistic to the Ottoman periods (not drawn) without stratigraphic context. 
The limited scope of the excavation did not allow any conclusions regarding the nature of the site. However, it is likely that the wall enclosed a building belonging to the Ottoman village of Sakia (see PEF map). 

Bouchenino A. 2019. Or Yehuda. HA-ESI 131. 
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