Ramla (West)

Ron Toueg
Final Report
In January 2017, a salvage excavation was conducted on agricultural land to the west of Ramla (Permit No. A-7905; map ref. 185963–73/649039–54; Fig. 1). The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and financed by the Ramla municipality, was directed by R. Toueg, with the assistance of Y. Amrani (administration), A. Peretz (field photography) and M. Kahan (surveying and drafting).
A storage pool was documented (Figs. 2, 3). It contained two water outlets, channeled through iron pipes. An inspection of the Mekorot archives showed that the pool was built prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, and that it may have been used to irrigate citrus groves that grew here in the past. Similar pools have been identified in nearby farmland, such as south of the entrance to Kefar Habad, as well as elsewhere in Israel. They are still used as storage pools for irrigating agricultural plots. The date of its construction remains unknown.
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