The survey area (c. 250 dunams; Fig. 1) extends along Nahal Tidhar and its tributaries, south of Nahal Gerar, in the region of Moshav Brosh and Moshav Te’ashur. A site (110×200 m; map ref. 16549/58836), which contained scatterings of fieldstones, grinding stones, potsherds and flint artifacts from the Chalcolithic period, was documented in the survey. The site is located on the bank of a small tributary of Nahal Tidhar, south of Nahal Gerar. It is part of a cluster of sites from the Chalcolithic period (I. Gilead 1995. Gerar. A Chalcolithic Site in the Northern Negev [Beer Sheva 7]. Be’er Sheva‘), which is located along the banks of Nahal Gerar and includes two sites to the west (map ref. 1635–45/5880–7; 1647–50/5885–7) and one site to the north (map ref. 1655–63/5890–1).