Or ‘Aqiva

Amit Shadman
Final Report
During January 2007, an excavation was conducted at Or ‘Aqiva (Permit No. A-4950; map ref. 192947–3012/713931–90), prior to construction. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the ‘Rafael’ Company, was directed by A. Shadman, with the assistance of A. Hajian (surveying) and T. Sagiv (field photography).
A section of a paved road (length 120 m) that apparently ran from Caesarea to Shuni and dated to the Byzantine period had previously been exposed (ESI 15:52–54). The excavation area was re-exposed prior to the construction of a factory. The western part of Area C from the previous excavation was reopened and a section of the road (c. 30 m) was revealed, including a bridge that had been uncovered in the former excavation. No finds that shed new light on the remains at the site were discovered. 
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