Settlement remains from various periods were exposed in the past on Tel Akko (Tel el-Fukhar), where an important port city, controlled for the most part by the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon, prospered and expanded during the Persian and Hellenistic periods. The current excavation yielded a poorly preserved settlement layer that dates from the Persian and the early Hellenistic periods. The building, whose corner was exposed, probably belonged to a residential quarter on the eastern outskirts of the Persian city. An excavation (Permit No. A-7387) recently conducted north of the current excavation area yielded sections of walls and habitation levels from these periods. The finds from both excavations present us with a more accurate picture of the layout of the city during these periods, and significantly extend the boundary of the settlement eastwards. Following the early Hellenistic period, the area was abandoned and was resettled only in modern times.