602 (Map ref. 201917/582914). A scatter of flint flakes (diam. 30 m) that cannot be precisely dated due to the absence of diagnostic artifacts.
678 (Map ref. 201969/582233). A wall (length 20 m, width 0.8 m) built across the top of a spur, in a northeast-southwest direction. The wall was preserved a single course high and formed a corner with another wall (679).
679 (Map ref. 201980/582224). A wall (length 19 m, width 0.8 m) preserved a single course high; its southwestern end formed a corner with W678.
680. Map ref. 202066/582281. A square installation (2 × 2 m) built of small fieldstones.
681. Map ref. 202056/582309. Remains of a rectangular building (length 11 m, width 6 m) in which an internal partition wall was discerned. The building might have been connected to Installation 680 that is adjacent to it.
682 (Map ref. 202148/582352). A wall (length 33 m) that winds along the top of a ridge. Its northeastern end joins W683.
683 (Map ref. 202178/582372). A wall (length 15 m) that is bonded to W682 and continues eastward. The wall, built of two rows of fieldstones, is preserved a single course high.
684 (Map ref. 202322/582410). Remains of a wall (length 20 m, width 0.5 m) built of a single row of stones.
30 (Map ref. 201181/582359). A cave dwelling with evidence of modern use.
31 (Map ref. 201136/582426). A cistern with a square opening (0.5 × 0.5 m), which is hewn on a bedrock terrace.
32 (Map ref. 201185/582449). A natural cave.
33 (Map ref. 201196/582457). A rectangular structure (length 3 m, width 1.5 m), built of large stones and located next to the southern side of an enclosure wall (Site 35).
34 (Map ref. 201193/582463). A rectangular structure (length 5 m, width 2 m) built of large partially dressed stones.
35 (Map ref. 201195/582477). A cave dwelling enclosed within a double fence (diam. 25 m).
36 (Map ref. 201173/582525). A field enclosure wall.
37 (Map ref. 201393/582600). An elliptical pit (diam. 0.6 m) hewn above a natural cave.
In addition to these sites, numerous farming terraces and enclosure walls that are located inside the Nahal Yattir channel and on the hillsides that descend toward the stream were found. The terraces, built of large fieldstones, were preserved to a maximum of eight–nine courses high.
Other than a few potsherds of black Gaza Ware, no datable finds were discovered at the survey.