A ritual bath (miqwe; 3.80 × 4.20 m, height 4.20 m; Fig. 1) that was hewn in the chalk bedrock was excavated. The miqwe was accessed via an arched entrance (0.80 × 1.80 m) and a rock-hewn staircase. Four steps treated with a layer of hydraulic plaster led to the immersion pool. The first step was the entrance level (L102; 1.40 × 2.00 m); the second, third (Loci 103, 104; 0.50 × 1.20 m) and fourth (L105; 1.10 × 1.65 m) steps descended into the pool. The pool (L106; 2.4 × 4.0 m) was elliptical and its bottom and walls were covered with a layer of hydraulic plaster to a height of 1.7 m.
The miqwe, which was located near rock-hewn tombs that dated to the time of the Second Temple period, was well preserved. Plaster repairs made to its walls were noted. It should be ascribed to the Jewish population that inhabited the settlement at that time.