Two excavation squares (A1, A2; 50 sq m) were opened west of Kibbutz Sha‘ar Ha-‘Amaqim, in a cultivated area where the kibbutz’s pomegranate orchard was situated prior to the excavation, c. 15 m north of Highway 75. Remains of wall foundations, apparently belonging to one building (Figs. 1, 2), were uncovered: three outer walls (W10–W12) and two interior walls (W13, W14). The walls were built of fieldstones of various sizes set on soil and preserved to a maximum height of two courses. Walls 13 and 14 adjoined W10 and partitioned the structure into three rooms (Fig. 3). No floors were discovered that abutted the walls of the building. Several worn, non-diagnostic pottery sherds were discovered in the excavation. On the basis of its construction, the building presumably predates the Early Islamic period.