Enclosure Walls. Four walls (W2, W3, W4, W8; Figs. 1–4), built of one row of stones (width 0.3–0.4 m, height up to 0.8 m) delimited the plot. Probes excavated along the walls ascertained that the stones were set on top of natural bedrock (c. 0.2 m below surface).
Watchman’s Hut (L1; 2.9 × 3.2 m; Fig. 5). The foundation wall of the building had survived (width c. 0.8 m). It consisted of short stones (up to 0.2 m long) and was preserved two courses high (c. 0.6 m). No remains of a floor were discerned and potsherds dating to the Byzantine period were collected around the structure.
Installation. It has an irregular rectangular outline (L6; c. 0.7 × 2.0 m, depth 0.6 m; Fig. 6) and is hewn in the center of a bedrock surface (c. 8 × 11 m).
Stone Heaps. Two low heaps (Loci 5, 7; Figs. 7, 8) that consisted of small stones and earth (Heap 5—diam. 3 m, height c. 0.4 m; Heap 7—diam. 4.1 m, height 0.3 m). Although not numerous, similar stone heaps are known in the fenced-off farmland of the Yattir region.