Bet She‘arim

Nurit Feig
Final Report
 In April 2018, an excavation was conducted at Bet Shearim (Permit No. A-8278; map ref. 212718863/734532721), prior to the opening of the Sanhedrin Trail. The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, was directed by N. Feig, with the assistance of EArmon-Imbar (field photography) and school studentsas part of the IAA community-outreach program. 

The site of Bet She‘arim is located on the hill of Sheikh Abreik in the Lower Galilee. The excavation was conducted in the northern part of ​​the site, east of Ha-Bonim Street, along a walking path through the forest.

The excavation was conducted in eight locations (c. 200 sq m). Quarries (c. 3 × 4 m each; Fig. 1) were unearthed in five of the locations; they had negatives of stones and detachment channels. A rounded rock cutting (depth c. 0.4 m) and a rock-hewn channel (width c. 0.2 m) were also unearthed. The pottery was scanty, with a few body fragments from the Late Roman and Byzantine periods.
This part of the site appears to have been a quarry area, which was used as a source for building blocks. Similar quarries were previously fond nearby (Sa‘id 2008).

Sa‘id K. 2008. Bet She‘arim (North)HA-ESI 120. 
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