Rosh Ha-ʻAyin (South and East)

Amit Shadman
Extended report
In 2013–2015, four salvage excavations were conducted in a vast area to the south and east of Rosh Ha-ʻAyin (Permit Nos. A-6728, A-7239, A-7346, A-7529; map ref. 1970–95/6648–65), prior to the construction. The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and financed by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, was directed by A. Shadman. L. Di Segni read the Greek inscriptions, and D.T. Ariel identified the coin. The excavation yielded the remains of farmhouses from the Iron Age II through the Persian or Hellenistic period and a Byzantine monastery and agricultural installations. This article is a preliminary report of these excavations and a final report of a survey of a site from the Middle and Late Paleolithic periods northeast of Horbat Te’ena (Permit No. A-6209; Shadman 2014).


Shadman A. 2014. Rosh Ha-‘Ayin (South). HA-ESI 126.


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