Two declared antiquities sites are located within the precincts of the survey area, Har Shaharut (South; 200099–599/42520–620) and Har Shaharut (North; 19989–20059/42480–510). Remains of an elongated building (0.5 x 2.0 m, height c. 0.3 m; map ref. 199900/425545; Fig. 2) were located along the fringes of the survey area. The walls of the building, preserved a single course high, were built of medium and large fieldstones. The building is close to a cliff and faces north. It seems that the building served as a guard post situated above an ancient road that ascends from the ‘Arava to the region of Ma‘ale Shaharut and the ‘Uvda Valley. The structure yielded no finds that could aid in dating it.