Mazor (El‘ad)

Gili Hillel
Final Report
During September 2003, a trial excavation was conducted at Horbat Mazor (Permit No. A-4001*; map ref. NIG 1957/6618; OIG 1457/1618), prior to the construction of a synagogue. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the Bet Midrash Yeshiva and the Yafo young men kolel, was directed by G. Hillel, with the assistance of Y. Dangor (administration), A. Hajian (surveying) and T. Sagiv (field photography).
Remains of buildings, oriented north–south and east–west, were exposed on top of bedrock in the northwestern part of Horbat Mazor. The walls were built of roughly hewn stones with a core of small fieldstones. The buildings appear to be connected to the Arab village of al-Muzeiri‘a that was located there until 1948. Previous excavations nearby had uncovered similar buildings that overlaid structures from the Hellenistic period (ESI 18:64, Area H7).
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