Jerusalem, the Old City, IDF House

Rina Avner and Miriam Avissar
Extended report
From October 2007 to March 2008, a trial excavation was intermittently conducted beneath the floors of a building known as the IDF House (Bet Zahal) at the corner of the Street of the Chain (Bab el-Silsileh) and Ma‘alot Ha-Rav Getz Street in the Old City of Jerusalem (Permit No. A-5276, map ref. 222164–5/631569–70; Avner, Ariel and Rubanovich 2012), prior to renovations. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by Daniel Landski Architects Ltd., was directed by R. Avner and Y. Billig. M. Avissar studied the ceramic assemblage; N. Amitai-Preiss and A. de Vincenz studied an inscribed clay pipe; N. Amitai-Preiss studied also the jug bearing a Persian poem. The majority of ceramic finds from the site date from the Ottoman period (sixteenth–nineteenth centuries CE); several finds date from the late Byzantine – beginning of the Early Islamic periods; and the inscribed jug is dated to the fifteenth century CE.

Avner R., Ariel D.T. and Rubanovich J. 2012. Jerusalem, the Old City, IDF House. HA-ESI 124.


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