The southwestern part of a massive platform that served as a foundation base for the Ayyubid gate was exposed (Figs. 1, 2). The southern wall (W1; Fig. 3) and western wall (W2; Fig. 4) of the platform were constructed from large ashlars placed on the bedrock and preserved two courses high. Fill consisting of fieldstones and mortar was discovered between the two walls. In addition, two modern walls were revealed. One of these was exposed along the northern edge of the excavation (W3; not marked on the plan); it was built as a retaining wall for the road that passed through there. It seems that the wall was built of stones in secondary use that were taken from the Ayyubid-period fortification. The second wall (W5) was built of small fieldstones placed on the platform perpendicular to W3. Fill consisting of medium fieldstones arranged unevenly was discovered east of W5. It seems that W5 and the fill adjacent to it were built when the Gate of the Winds was renovated in 1897.