Eliezer Stern and Hanaa Abu-‘Uqsa
Final Report
During November 2006, a trial excavation was conducted southeast of the ‘Akko citadel (Permit No. A-4707; map ref. NIG 2064–70/7580–5; OIG 1564–70/2580–5), prior to the renovation of a theater hall. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the Old ‘Akko Development Company and the Ministry of Tourism, was directed by E. Stern and H. Abu ‘Uqsa, with the assistance of V. Essman and V. Pirsky (surveying), H. Smithline (field photography) and H. Tahan (incision drawings).
Plastered walls with applied incisions (W1, W2; Figs. 1, 2) were exposed beneath a modern concrete floor. The walls were covered with sandy soil fill (L100), which contained several potsherds that mostly dated to the Ottoman period and a few—to the Crusader period.
It seems that the walls with the incisions were part of a building or street from the Crusader period, similar to walls that had previously been revealed along the southern road of the Hospitaller center (HA-ESI 110:13*–14*).
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