The excavation was located c. 500 m east of the Yannai and Badhi excavation (Permit No. A-2409) and north of Avissar’s excavation (ESI 17:169–172).

Remains of a floor (L9; Fig. 2) that consisted of small stones and potsherds bedding, were exposed. Potsherds dating to the Byzantine period were recovered from the stone layer and the potsherds above it included a krater (Fig. 4:2), jars (Fig. 5:3, 6) and lamps (Fig. 5:11, 12). Below the floor level were bowls (Figs. 3:1–7, 4:3–5), jars (Fig. 5:1–9), a cooking pot (Fig. 4:6) and a flask (Fig. 5:10). A fragment of a Late Bronze milk bowl (Fig. 4:1) was also found.