1) Map ref. 19189/63570 – concentrations of potsherds and several flint artifacts.
2) Map ref. 19142/63557 – a scattering of flint artifacts.
3) Map ref. 18735/63531 – Khirbat Um Kalkha: The site extends along both sides of the highway; an excavation in its northern part, revealing remains that dated to the end of Middle Bronze IIA, was conducted (HA-ESI 116); potsherds from the Chalcolithic period were collected in its southern part.
4) Map ref. 18630/63522 – the fringes of Khirbat Um Kalkha, where the highway crosses the spur that descends to Nahal Soreq. Fragments of pottery vessels from Iron II and the Late Byzantine period were found on surface.
5) Map ref. 18281/63263 – a scattering of potsherds from the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods.
6) Map ref. 18232/63171 – a scattering of flint fragments.
7) Map ref. 18304/63287 – a scattering of non-diagnostic potsherds and flint fragments.