A burial cave hewn in soft chalk was found. The southern part of its underground chamber was excavated (Fig. 1). Remains of mud plaster were discerned on the sides of the chamber and its northern part was found filled with modern construction debris.
Two arcosolia with burial troughs were hewn in the western side of the chamber. Remains of gray and mud plasters covered the side of the arcosolium that contained Trough I (L103; 0.6 × 2.4 m; Fig. 2), which was devoid of finds. Trough II (0.60 × 1.83 m; Fig. 3) was not excavated.
The upper part of a Gaza jar (Fig. 4) was found in the fill on the floor of the cave, which seems to have extended further east.
The cave could not be dated due to lack of finds and it appears to have been used during the modern era.