Farming Terrace (map ref. NIG 1988/5846; length 12 m, width 0.5 m, height of two courses 0.6 m). A probe trench was excavated inside the terrace; it indicated that the terrace was built on bedrock outcrop, descending westward. The western side of the terrace was exposed, whereas its eastern side was covered with alluvium. No archaeological finds were discovered.
Field Wall (map ref. NIG 1991/5848; length c. 200 m, width 1 m, height 0.5 m). The wall was built of medium and large stones (0.5–0.6 m); large stone slabs (length 1 m, width 0.8 m, thickness 0.2 m) were placed upright along its northern face. The field wall, set on a flat ground, was abutted by other walls that divided the area into plots. The course of the wall was cleaned for a distance of 15 m and no archaeological finds were discovered.