A dolium-type pithos that was embedded in an ancient settlement layer on the beach, at the foot of the western section of Yavne-Yam, was removed (Fig. 1). A layer of plastered soil, which was probably the floor of a building, was discerned around mid-height of the pithos. It was preserved in its entirety (diam. 1 m, height 1.2 m; Fig. 2) and it has a flat thickened rim, bearing a stamped impression of the letter M (Fig. 3), two handles and a decoration of a wavy combed design between the rim and the top of the handle. The orange-brown fabric contains small white inclusions and is well fired. The pithos is dated to the Byzantine period.
These pithoi were used to store liquids and dry products; similar ones were discovered in recent years on the Palmahim beach, now on display in the Palmahim Museum.