Following is the description of the surveyed sites:
Site No. Map References (NIG) Site Date of finds (periods)
 1 133537/563830 Potsherds scattering (diam. 5–10 m) in a natural hollow between the sand dunes Early Islamic
 2 132864/563802 Stone-built hearth and lumps of burnt potsherds, with a potsherd scattering (diam. 15 m)  
 3  135546/563102 Potsherd scattering (diam. 5–10 m) Early Islamic and Ottoman; British Mandate era (black Gaza ware) 
 4/5 135669-785/561751-801  Scattering of flint flakes and potsherds (length 100 m, width 10–15 m) on a plain protected from the wind by a ridge that rises above it to the north Paleolithic; Iron I: jar (Fig. 3:5), Byzantine: LRC bowl (Fig. 3:8), jar (3:9); Early Islamic: jar (Fig. 3:10); British Mandate era: balck Gaza jars (Fig. 
 6 136504/562614  Scattering of broken pottery vessels (diam. 10 m) Ottoman; British Mandate era (black Gaza ware) 
 7  135850/562409  Small mounds of sand checked by a backhoe; no antiquities were found   
 8 135615/562330   Potsherd scattering (diam. 15 m) Byzantine 
 9 135832/562205  Small, uniform size mounds of sand checked by a backhoe; no antiquities were found  
 10 135334/561978  Scattering of flint flakes and potsherds (diam. 100 m) Paleolithic; Iron II: krater (Fig. 3:7); Early Islamic; Middle Ages: jar (Fig. 3.11); British Mandate era 
 11 135422/561891  Continuation of Site No. 10; body fragments of Nabatean vessel (not drawn)   
 12 135151/562944  Small mounds of sand checked by backhoe; no antiquities were found  
 13 134450/563048  A round millstone (upper stone; diam.0.4 m; Fig. 4)  
 14 134329/562652  Potsherd scattering (diam. 15 m; see Fig. 2); retouched flint blade (Fig. 5)  Upper Paleolithic (Ahmarite culture); Byzantine and Ottoman
 15 133635/562324  Potsherd scattering (diam. 10 m)  Isalmic and Ottoman 
 16 133381/563357  Scattering of flint flakes and potsherds (diam. 10 m) on a plain that is protected from the wind and located between two ridges, which rise above it to the north and south  Paleolithic; Roman--Byzantine 
 17 133317/563357  Scattering of potsherds and small pebbles (diam. 15 m)  Iron I, II: cooking pot (Fig. 3:4), krater (Fig. 3:6); Byzantine and Middle Ages 
 18 133264/562389  Grindstone fragmnet of hard sandstone (Fig. 6)   
 19 133040/562795  Grindstone Eocene flint (Fig. 7)   
 20 133459/560383  Potsherd scattering (diam. 5 m) Mamluk; jugs (Fig. 3:12, 13); No. 12 is handmade