Eight sites were documented in the survey area, which extended across a hilly region north of the Devir-Lahav Junction and south of the Lahav Forest.
Site 501: A terrace wall, oriented east–west (length 20 m, width 1 m), which was preserved a single course high.
Site 502: A terrace wall (length 25 m), oriented north–south.
Site 503: A rectangular structure/field tower (2 × 10 m) situated on the ridge. The walls, preserved two courses high, were built of two rows of medium-sized fieldstones and a core of small stones. A partition wall divided the structure into two rooms.
Site 504: A rectangular structure/field tower (2 × 8 m) whose walls were preserved a single course high.
Site 505: A terrace wall (Length 40 m) built of two rows of stones, without a core. The wall extended along the side of a hill that sloped to the northeast and was preserved two courses high.
Site 506: A terrace wall (length 40 m), preserved two courses high, which was the northeast continuation of the terrace wall at Site 505.
Site 507: A rectangular rock cutting (1 × 2 m, depth 1 m).
Site 508: A dwelling cave whose opening was partly blocked by a fieldstone-built wall.