Yattir Forest, Reservoir Survey

Nir-Shimshon Paran
Final Report
During February 2007, an archaeological survey was conducted close to the Yattir reservoir (Permit No. A-5064; map ref. NIG 2084/5840; OIG 1584/0840), prior to the construction of an amphitheater. The survey, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the South Har Hevron Regional Council, was performed by N.S. Paran, with the assistance of S. Gal (GPS).
The surveyed area (Fig. 1) is located within the precincts of the Yattir Forest in the southern Hebron highlands, southeast of the Jewish National Fund reservoir. The region consists of gentle hills and broad ravines. Most of the area is forested and the trees are planted on an ancient complex of farming terraces that were documented in the survey (Fig. 2). Field walls, which delineated agricultural plots and an animal pen (Fig. 3) built on the slope of the hill, were identified. These finds are characteristic of the extensive agricultural landscape in the southern Hebron highlands.
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