1. Stone heap.
2. Farming terrace.
3. Remains of a modern rectangular building (52 sq m), whose opening faces east.
4. Remains of an ancient rectangular building (28 sq m), beneath Building 3.
5. A defensive peripheral trench and military outposts; this system seems to be several hundred years old.
6. Stone heap, possibly a ruinous dolmen.
7. A dolmen enclosed within a peripheral wall, built of a single course of stones.
8. Dolmen.
9. Built wall, possibly ancient.
10. Dolmen (?).
11. Farming terrace.
12. Stone heap (diam. c. 2.5 m).
13. Tops of walls (?).
14. Fence delimiting a new orchard.
15. Farming terrace wall that is built of large stones, possibly ancient.
16. Large stone heap inside an orchard.
17. Small stone heap.
18. Large stone heap inside an orchard.
19. Five elongated stone heaps (length c. 4 m).
20. Pit, possibly ancient.