Prior to paving the junction of Highways 3 and 443 in Modi‘in, a survey was conducted south of Horbat Hammim (License No. G-75/02*; map ref. NIG 1987–2007/6477–82; OIG 1487–1507/1477–82) by O. Shmueli and L. Barda, on behalf of the Antiquities Authority. Most of the surveyed area had been damaged in the past by mechanical equipment. Six terraces, built of 2–3 courses of fieldstones, were surveyed on either side of Highway 443. A cave that probably served as a water cistern was discovered next to the Medical Corps memorial. The cave’s entrance (3 × 4 m) faced west, part of its ceiling collapsed and above the remaining part were signs of shallow channels, hewn to divert rainwater. Several non-diagnostic potsherds were collected.