The site is located on a ridge west of Highway 444 and east of the Bareqet Junction (Fig. 1).
A quarry (1.5 × 2.5 m; Fig. 2) that was damaged by mechanical equipment was cleaned. The negatives of four quarried masonry stones could be discerned (Fig. 3).
The northern side of a limekiln (diam. 3.5 m, depth c. 3.5 m; Figs. 4, 5), located next to the quarry, was excavated. The kiln was hewn into a layer of soft bedrock and its southern side was raised with two courses of fieldstones (0.4 × 0.5 m). A ventilation opening for fanning the flames was discerned in the northern side, through which the stones for burning were inserted and the lime was removed. The kiln, filled with burnt stones and layers of ash, seems to have been used more than once.