Eight farming terraces that are currently being cultivated by Bedouins, are built in the wadi channel and one of them was excavated (length 17.7 m; Figs. 1, 2). A sloping wall (W103; length 6.3 m, width c. 1 m, height 2.1 m; Fig. 3) built of nine stone courses was exposed in the center of the terrace. North of W103, a later addition (W105; length 9 m, width 0.3 m, height 1 m; Fig. 4) of five stone courses was exposed. South of W103, a wall (W104; length 3.4 m, width 0.3 m, height 2.9 m; Fig. 5) that was built of eight stone courses was exposed; Wall 104 supports the terrace and prevents it from being undermined by the floodwaters.