Ras el-Biyad/Tel Barom North (Metulla Map, Site No. 20-29/42/4) is a concentration of rock-cut features, caves, wine- or olive presses, ashlar-stone quarries and cup marks in several limestone outcrops that occur in this predominantly basaltic area. Although no artifacts could be definitively associated with these elements, their overall aspect and some potsherds with ribbing, characteristic of pottery from Hellenistic and later times, suggest utilization in these periods.


Ras el-Biyad (Metulla Map, Site No. 20-29/42/3) is a late prehistoric site at the northernmost part of the surveyed ridge. A concentration of potsherds and flints on surface suggest it was occupied or utilized during the Late Neolithic/Early Chalcolithic periods and in the Early Bronze Age.