Jerusalem, the Old City

Kate Raphael
Extended report

In February and March 2011, a salvage excavation took place within a private residence at 7 Shone Halakhot Street in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem (Permit No. A-6112; map ref. 2221/6314; Raphael 2015), prior to renovations. The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, was directed by K. Raphael. It yielded a quarry from the Second Temple period and a Medieval building; its walls served as a base for an Ottoman-period building, which is still in use. R. Kool identified the coins and assisted in writing the numismatic report, and R. Bouchnick studied the faunal remains.


Raphael K. 2015. Jerusalem, The Jewish Quarter. HA-ESI 127.


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