Fence (1). A probe was cut on both sides of the fence that delimited a cultivation plot, whose size is unclear (Figs. 1, 2). The fence was built of large stones (length 0.5–0.7 m) placed on bedrock (c. 0.2 m below surface).
Cave (2). The collapsed remains of a natural cave (presumed diam. 3.2 m, presumed height 1.5 m; Figs. 3, 4) were exposed. A few pieces of organic material were discovered on the cave’s bedrock floor.
Retaining Walls (3, 4). Wall 3 (exposed length 4.8 m) was built of a row of large stones (Figs. 5, 6). Wall 4 (exposed length 7 m; Fig. 7) was built of small and medium-sized stones (max. height 0.45 m). Terrace 4 (width c. 1.1 m) was composed of small stones and soil mixture, overlaying a bedrock surface.
Quarry (5). Remains of a quarry (3 × 4 m) that was damaged in the past when a dirt road was built; quarrying lines of a stone block were discerned.