The Southern House. A large courtyard (L6001; Figs. 1, 2) that accessed two rooms located to its north was exposed. Near the opening to the rooms was a stove and two ovens were discovered in the northwestern corner of the courtyard. Below the courtyard floor, at a depth of c. 0.5 m, the tops of walls that belonged to an earlier building, whose plan was slightly different than that of the southern house, were exposed. It seems that the stones used for the walls of the southern house were taken from the earlier building below it.
The excavation of the western room (L6011; Fig. 3) was completed. Some twelve cooking vessels were found, including pots, jugs and a large jar buried in the floor, the likes of which had been discovered in the previous season in the adjacent eastern room. Several floors were excavated in the eastern room and below them were walls that probably belonged to the earlier building (Loci 6031, 6044). The finds from below the floors included many pieces of charred wood, ash and animal bones.
The Key House. The exposure of the courtyard floor (Locus 6026) of the Key House, north of the southern house, continued. A large flat basalt block that probably served as a work table was found on the floor of the courtyard. Several shattered jars were discovered next to the oven in the southwestern corner of the courtyard. A large concentration of charred wood was exposed in the southeastern corner of the courtyard; next to it, several cooking pots, a section of a ceramic pipe and two fragments of soft limestone large jars were found near the basalt block. Many iron nails were located near the opening to the front courtyard (Locus 5024).
The Zuqim House (L6029). The exposure of the floor was completed and that of the alley, running north–south between the Zuqim House block and the western row of houses, continued. The exposure of the buildings in the area of the slope, east of the alley (Fig. 4), had begun.