Modi'in, Horbat Hadat

Orit Segal, Uzi ‘Ad and Oren Shmueli
Extended report
 In January–February 2003, a survey and limited excavations were undertaken on the hill of Horbat Hadat (Kh. el-Haditheh) and on the southern bank of an unnamed wadi that delimits the site on the north (Permit No. A-3816; map ref. 201500/643002), prior to expanding the city of Modi‘in and paving Menachem Begin Road. The survey and the excavations, on behalf of the Antiquities Authority and financed by Netivei Ayyalon Company, Ltd., were directed by O. Shmueli and O. Segal, with the assistance of U. ‘Ad. A. Tsatskin studied a plaster sample from one of the winepresses. They yielded architectural remains, agricultural installations, burial caves and ancient roads, which belong to the agricultural hinterland of the nearby sites.


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